Academic Produciton Services -- Full service entertainment supply company offering lighting and scenic design services, event management, production workshops, consultation services and a complete line of theatrical supplies.
Animated Knots -- Animated Knot-Tying for Boating, Climbing, Fishing, Scouting, Search and Rescue, Theatre and Arborists.
BMI Supply -- A dazzling array of new products for lighting, scenic construction, rigging, sound, and more. It also features the staple goods you depend on.
Chicago Canvas & Supply -- Your #1 Source for: Wide Seamless Canvas, Wide Seamless Muslin,Theatrical Fabrics, Curtain Track Systems, Dyes, Scenic Supplies, Job Helpers, Dropcloths, Tarpaulins, Vinyl.
Control Booth -- Forums and resources for techies
Demand Products -- Foam cutters, coatings, and accessories used in the theme park, entertainment, construction, and theatre production companies around the world.
Dick Blick Art Materials -- Huge selection of quality art supplies.
HowStuffWorks -- Very cool website with links to how everything in the world works from mechanical to emotional.
i.weiss.com -- When it comes to theatrical draperies, I. Weiss is recognized industry-wide for outstanding craftsmanship and premium service.
JMFX -- We dream up, demo, build, deliver and operate custom effects packages.
Liquid Rubbers and Plastics -- For the absolute latest on new mold making and casting products and developments, this is the place to go!
Mainstage Theatrical Supply -- Serves Theatres, Schools, Houses of Worship, Museums, Theme Parks, TV Studios, Casinos, Auditoriums and more by providing superior service at competitive prices by stocking the most popular entertainment and theatrical supplies for fast delivery and expediting any order to meet your production needs.
Catalog Guide to Screw Sizes -- The square drive screw authority.
MSI Production Services -- A full-service production company featuring professional audio, lighting, video, rigging and scenic design services.
Musson Theatrical -- We offer a range of services including sales, rentals, event services, system integration and renovation, and scenic design and construction.
MVHS Technical Theatre Handbook -- Comprehensive high school tech manual.
Norcostco -- A supplier of stage lighting, lamps, dimming systems, automated lighting, costumes, mascots, theatrical makeup, wigs, props, manufacturer of stage drops and draperies, rigging systems, fog machines and atmospheric effects, intercoms, paint and painting supplies, platforms, special effects, and stage hardware.
Online Conversion -- Convert just about anything to anything else. Over 5,000 units, and 50,000 conversions.
Pro-Tapes -- We service the arts and entertainment, graphic arts, industrial, medical, electrical and electronic industries with highly engineered performance pressure sensitive tapes.
Rosco -- One of the world's largest manufacturers of products for theatre, film and television production.
Rose Brand -- 75 Ninth Ave., New York, NY 10011-1393; Ph: (800)223-7565; Fax: (212)242-7565; E-mail: info@rosebrand.com
Sew-What -- Stage drapes and theatre supplies.
Smooth-On -- The absolute latest on new mold making and casting products and developments.
Stage Design and Technologies Seminar -- An exploratory studio class in which students will study the creative and production process for putting on a theatrical event. Students will explore the design process as performed by the Scenic, Lighting, Costume, and Sound designers.
Teqniqal Systems -- Consultants specializing in performing arts technology and safety.
Texas Scenic Co. -- Full-service theatrical equipment company and theatrical systems integrator.
theatrecrafts.com -- The aim of theatrecrafts.com is to eventually be the best resource for practical information and advice about technical theatre techniques for theatre folk at any level.
Theatre Effects -- Large variety of theatrical special effects - pyro, confetti, fog, snow, lighting and more!
Theatre House -- Family-owned retail mail order supplier of all your theatrical needs carrying costumes, curtains, wigs, weapons, masks, make-up, props, paints, lights, fabrics, accessories.
Theatre Safety -- A discussion of safety in the Performing Arts for professionals, students, teachers, and administrators. A sometimes terrifying look at some surprising conditions, what you ought do about them, and how to plan for better safety in your facility, teaching program, and career.
This to That -- Because people have a need to glue things to other things, this website offers suggestions on what adhesived to use on any given material.
WPI Technical Theatre Handbook -- DOne of the major goals of this book is to provide a fairly complete introduction to most aspects of technical theatre.

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