Broadway Teaching Lab -- The program inlcudes a three-day series of interactive workshops, four shows, eseminars, and observation with Broadway professionals in the theatre capital of the world. The program inspires high school and middle school theatre teachers/directors with new teaching methods, enhanced produciton skill, and an exchange of ideas with Broadway artists as well as peers.
Fast Track Master's in Theatre Roosevelt University, Chicago College of Performing Arts -- This program is designed for high school teachers wanting to advance their directing and teaching skills. The three-summer program admits accomplished high school directors from across the ocuntry. Through classwork, individual projects on future producitons, and networking with peers, th estudents leave each summer with new skills an dapproaches. Faciulities include a small thrust stage and black box theatre; participants earn an MA in directing after three summers and thesis production in their home school.
Hull Actors Studio -- This program provides step-by-step guidance in teaching techniques for all levels and ages. There are opportunities to act and direct along with or supervised by the Hulls and working professionals. Participants may volunteer to work with young actors.
The Old Globe MFA Program --
Oregon Shakespeare Festival Shakespeare in the Classroom -- This program explores ways to involve students intellectually, emotiohnally, and physically in the works of Shakepeare. Program includes play attendance and sessions with OSF artists.
Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey: Shakefest -- This is a week-long immersion in creative and performance-based techniques for teaching Shakespeare to students of any grade level. The program takes place during the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey's summer season.
Shiley Graduate Theatre Program -- A joint venture of The Old Globe and the University of San Diego, the Shiley Graduate Theatre program nationally recruits seven students each year to participate in an intensive two-year, year-round course of graduate study in classical theatre.
Should I Go to Film School? -- Film career advice that asks the hard questions.
Stratford Shakespeare Festival Courses -- Concerts, tours, lectures, discussions and more: whether you would like to learn more about the Festival and its productions or just sit back and be entertained, you will find a whole world of enrichment and enjoyment waiting for you beyond the stage.
Summer Improv Retreat -- Led by master teachers, this retreat provides a protective environment for creative growth in and through the interrelated disciplines of acting, improvisation, voice, movement, and scenic construction.
Summer Institute for Theatre Arts -- This program is for teachers and theatre professionals on all levels seeking professional development and/or the Master of Arts in theatre produciton. MA candidates generally attend three summers with a culminating production in their hometown or school.
Theatre Educator Intensive -- A Masters program in Theatre Education that takes only 2 years to complete! This focused program consists of two three-week summer institutes and five academic semesters. It includes a combination of on line classes, hands on work and theatrical experiences ranging from courses in directing to curriculum development.

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