lamp -- a single electric light bulb
lampoon -- a satirical play aimed at ridiculing a person or subject
lash cleat -- a steel projecting arm fastened to the stile of a flat around which a line is lashed to pull one flat tightly against another
lash line -- rope used to lash flats together
lead -- the starring role in a performance
leading lady, man -- the performer who plays the main role in a show
legs (tormentors) -- curtains or flats placed on either side of the stage just upstage of the curtain line. Legs serve to mask the wings from the view of the audience and vary the width of the playing area.
levels -- steps, platforms etc., that raise the actor from the stage
libretto -- text of an opera or musical
light bridge -- long, narrow platform suspended by adjustable lines directly behind the house curtain and asbestos
light comedy -- a play written to entertain rather than to leave any serious message
light leak -- any light that can be seen through a crack or opening in the set and is not supposed to be seen by the audience
light plot -- a ground plan of the set is drawn and superimposed on it are drawings of the locations of all the required lighting, naming the type if lamp and its location and the area it is intended to illuminate
light spill -- uncontrolled light that shines on areas where a director might not want it
lights up -- to bring up full house lights for intermission or at the end of a play
light trees -- freestanding metal poles with wide bases; designed to hold lighting instruments
lighting cues -- the instructions that tell the lighting operators what to do and when to do it
lighting designers -- in the theatre, the person who decides where the lighting instruments should go, how they should be colored, and which ones should be on at any particular time
lighting inventory -- the list of lighting instruments in a theatre, showing their size and type
lighting positions -- the various places in a theatre where lighting instruments are hung
lighting box -- a special effects device that produces bright, lightning-like flashes of light
limelight -- a focusing of public attention on a person
limited run -- a play that is set to run for a prearranged length of time
line -- the basic unit of verse; one portion of an actor's part in a dialogue.
line rehearsals -- actors are expected to be “off book” and line perfect when these rehearsals are called
lines -- steel wires or ropes attached to batten and running up to the gridiron and back down to the fly gallery, used to raise and lower scenery and drops
line set -- a set of calbes that hold on e batten in a system for lifting scenery and lighting
liturgical drama -- any religious drama
load -- something that uses power, like a lighting instruemtn or an appliance
loading dock -- a place where you can unload scenery, costumes, and other items that you are bringing to the theatre
loading rail -- where you go to put weight on the arbor in a flying system
loge -- a choice box seat in the balcony used for viewing a performance
loose pin hinge -- a hinge screwed to flats so that two can be hooked together and secured with a loose pin inserted into the pin hinge; pin can be removed to allow for easy assembling and reassembling of the joined flats
louvers -- parallel metal shields attached to a spotlight used to direct the light on the stage and controlling the spill
low comedy -- humor that is usually gross rather than subtle