ham -- an inferior or pretentious actor, often one who doesn’t know he’s bad
hamartia -- a tragic flaw which is the undoing of a particular actor
handbill -- a printed announcement of a forthcoming show
hand props -- any item carried and handled by an actor in a play
hanger iron -- used to support scenery to be flown secured to the frame of a flat through which a line can be attached
hang the show -- to hang all the flying scenery and lights for a play
hard-wired electric -- a hanging pipe that is permanently wired with circuits for lighting instruments
header -- small flat used to fill the space between two flats to create a doorway or window
heads up -- a signal that an object is being lowered from above
heavy -- role of a villian
heightened language -- writing that is rich in imagery and poetic forms and is often metrical.
heroic drama -- period play written in verse. In contrast to tragedy, it is marked by a happy ending, or an ending in which the deaths of the main characters are considered a triumph and not a defeat. Example: Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Ronstand
high comedy -- a play using a subtle type of comedy designed for an intellectual audience with characters who are often artificial and display false emotions
hit -- a successful play or performer
hold -- to pause for laughter or applause to die down
hood -- a large metal container on a lighting instrument housing the lamp
hoofer -- a dancer
hookup chart -- a list showing which circuit and channel is being used for which lighting instruments
hotspot -- the center of a beam of light; the brightest part of the beam
house -- rows of seats in which the audience sits to watch a performance
house left/right -- the left/right side of the suditorium, from the audience's point of view
houselights -- lights that illuminate the auditorium of a theater; all the lights in the auditorium except the “exit” lights. These lights usually dim and are controlled from the light booth
house curtain -- full drapery that separates the stage from the audience. This curtain is rigged to move up and down or open from side to side.
hyperbole -- extravagant and obviously exaggerated language.